Summer Pasta


 One of my favorite quick and hearty meals to make during the busy summer months; loaded with any number of fresh veggies coming in that day from the field.


Sautee in a large skillet any combination of chopped summer veggies you enjoy, including:

    Fresh chard (separate the leaves and stalks; cook the stalks with the main veggies and add the greens towards the end so they don’t overcook)

    Summer squash

    Red torpedo onion

    Garlic scapes

Use as many or few as you wish, just keeping in mind your final pasta to veggie ratio.  I often cook them until just softened, which means you may want to add the vegetables to the pan at different times to account for different cooking lengths.  Otherwise throw them all in and cook until they seem done enough for your taste.

 For a pound of pasta I would use 1 bunch of chard, 1 summer squash, and 1 large onion.


While the veggies are sauteing cook the pasta in a large pot.  Fresh high quality pasta will make this dish that much better; I like long flat pastas like fettucini and linguini but bow ties and elbows work too!


Once the pasta is done and drained add it back to the pot.  Turn the heat on low and add 4oz of fresh goat cheese (chevre), along with the sauteed veggies.  Stir the pasta continually so it does not stick to the bottom and turn the heat off once the cheese is almost fully melted and mixed in.


At this point I’ll mix in halved cherry tomatoes and some chopped basil if they’re in season, and sprinkle on some diced hot peppers or red pepper flakes.