Braised Red Cabbage

Take 1 medium or 2 small red cabbage and slice thinly.  Soak in a bowl of cold water.

Use either chopped bacon, butter, or vegetable oil to saute 1 small onion.  If you use bacon cook it in the pan first to render out the fat.
Take the cabbage out of the water and add it to the pan.  Mix in:

    1 green apple
    ¼ cup cider or red wine vinegar
    2 tbs honey or sugar
    large pinch salt

Cook, covered, over low heat until the cabbage is very soft- usually 1½ hours.  Stir the dish occasionally while it cooks and if it begins to dry out add more water, turning the heat up briefly to return the mix to a simmer.  When the cabbage is softened to taste remove the lid and cook off any excess water in the pan.

Goes well with pork, turkey, and venison.