Apis Verdi Farm will not be doing a CSA in 2017 in order to focus on markets and hopefully an on-farm stand.  Stay tuned!

CSA 2015

  Spring might actually be here!  Baskets of fresh, delicious produce are just around the corner!  With that in mind Apis Verdi is happy to announce the second year of its CSA which will now include both full and half shares.  Pick-up will be Wednesday evenings beginning June 17th and ending September 28.  Pricing for 2015:

$500 full share
$275 half share

  For those of you unfamiliar with the term CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) the premise is simple: the customer pays a flat price up front and receives a box of mixed produce each week of the season.  No more money needs to change hands, the farmer has capital to get the season underway, and the customer can look forward to a summer of great eating.  The CSA agreement helps mitigate some of the farmer's risks, like crop failure or a freak hailstorm.  Even if a particular crop is lost the farmer is not completely ruined and hopefully has enough to make it to the next harvest or season.  Of course a lost crop means the CSA share could be light or lacking in some things; only one week of broccoli or worst case a year with few or no tomatoes.  In these instances it's best to think of the CSA payment as an investment- in the farmer, in a local business, and in the community.  Supporting your local farm means money stays in the community, and you can see that land is well taken care of.

  Of course, like any investment, a CSA can provide returns much greater than the initial amount.  Aside from the advantages listed above buying a share in a farm means you participate in the good times as well.  A bumper crop of tomatoes means more for everyone and even jars of sauce for those dark winter days; extra productive spring broccoli plantings can be frozen and enjoyed in the middle of summer (usually a tough time for broccoli around here).  And because Apis Verdi grows such a diverse selection of vegetables even if one crop is lacking there will usually be something to take its place so you never have to worry about losing out financially.

  Participating in a CSA is an adventure and a learning experience.  Members experience what it's like to really eat seasonally, when a particular vegetable is at its peak, and notice the changing quantities and varieties as Spring grows into Summer and fades into Fall.  You will certainly be challenged to cook more often and find new ways to prepare familiar vegetables, but the satisfaction of preparing a delicious meal with local produce (and maybe even losing some weight in the process according to past customers) is always worth the effort.  Finally there is the excitement of encountering unfamiliar vegetables or new shapes and colors of old favorites (purple carrots?! lemon cucumbers?!).  And never be afraid to ask what something is or how to use it- a CSA is a great way to expand eating horizons, and I love to talk about cooking!

  If your're excited by the idea and ready to sign on, or even just want more information, please get in touch through the contact page.

Happy Eating!